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Uneven skin tone

Fine and Medium Wrinkles

Loss of tonus, sagging skin

Vascular mesh

Enlarged pores


Taking some medicines that increase the skin’s photosensitivity

Period of acute inflammatory diseases with fever

Convulsive syndrome

Earlier identified cancers

Procedure technique: after cleansing the skin, an anesthetic cream is applied, which will cause local anesthesia after 45 minutes. Laser peeling is performed by sequential laser treatment of the problem area. The accuracy of the equipment allows you to adjust the depth of exposure to several microns, which guarantees the safety of the procedure. At the end of the procedure - application of sedatives with photo-protective properties (SPF 50).

Duration of procedure: treatment of one zone (separate zones: face, hands, central zone of the abdominal skin) takes 10-15 minutes.

Soreness: A mild, painful sensation occurs 40-50 minutes after the procedure, when the anesthetic cream ends. If necessary, during this period, you can take an anesthetic inside. Pain subsides after 4-5 hours.

Recovery Period: 3-6 days. The first - the third day there is redness of the skin. 3-5 days (depending on the depth of the laser peeling) darkening of the top layer of cornified cells and peeling is observed.

Time of appearance of results: after the completion of exfoliation, there is a significant external rejuvenation. The skin looks fresh, healthy, taut. The pores are narrowed, there is a healthy "glow" of young skin, a light natural glow. Strengthening the effect continues for 5-6 weeks after the procedure.

Time to save effect: The overall rejuvenation effect lasts up to a year. Most of the deficiencies were eliminated forever.