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Laser for removing scars and stretch marks on the body

Contour TRL

- aggressive laser resurfacing used in the treatment of the most complex problems. With this method, pronounced age-related changes around the mouth and eyes can be eliminated, scars and deep pigment spots can be removed.


Cicatricial skin changes,

Scars due to acne,

Deep wrinkles,

Deep pigment spots.


Taking certain medicines that increase the photosensitivity of the skin,

Period of acute inflammatory diseases with fever,

Diseases of the cardiovascular system in the stage of decompensation,

Convulsive syndrome,

Earlier identified cancers,

Propensity to form keloids.

Procedure technique: after cleansing the skin, an anesthetic cream is applied, which will cause local anesthesia after 45 minutes. When grinding the scars, local injection anesthesia is performed. The procedure is performed by sequential laser treatment of the problem area. At the end of the procedure - application of antiseptic and sedatives.

Duration of procedure: The procedure (without taking into account the time of anesthesia) takes 10-15 minutes.

Morbidity: moderate. Painful sensations occur 40-50 minutes after the procedure, when the anesthetic cream ends. Pain killers are used.

Recovery Period: 10-14 days. The first - the third day of severe swelling, the formation of crusts from drying out the plasma. 5-7 days there is a detachment of cornified cells and crusts. The redness of the treated areas remains long enough. Be sure to use tools with the highest possible photoprotection.

Time of appearance of results: After exfoliation is complete, there is a significant external rejuvenation. Skin radically changes the look. Strengthening the positive effect continues for 6-10 weeks after the procedure.

Time to save effect: The overall rejuvenation effect lasts for several years. Most of the deficiencies were eliminated forever.