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Modern laser devices

ClearScan Hair Reductin

is a neodymium laser machine for laser hair removal. The difference in hair removal with Sciton ClearScan is the fact that dark, black and tanned skin treatments are carried out with complete safety. Therefore, the procedures can be carried out without the risk of pigmentation all year round. Another important feature of the device is the presence of a fast scanner with contact cooling, which automatically treats the skin in the selected area, without missing anything and not allowing re-treatment of the same area. In combination with the possibility of manual adjustments, which only professional equipment is equipped with, the device allows to obtain perfect results with a full guarantee of security.


Unwanted Hair Growth


Taking certain medicines that increase skin photosensitivity;

Period of acute inflammatory diseases;

The presence of a rash or inflammation in the area of ​​epilation.

Duration of treatment: hair removal, an area of ​​10 sq. cm takes 10-15 minutes, along with the preparation of the skin.

Technique of the procedure: after cleansing the skin, apply a special contact gel. Consistently, with the help of a contact-cooled scanner, processing is performed.

Morbidity: moderate, in areas of high sensitivity. If necessary, an anesthetic cream may be used.

Recovery Period: No, lunch break procedure.

Time of appearance of results: the cessation of hair growth in active periods stops immediately after the procedure.

Effect saving time: Like any laser hair removal, as well as hair removal with a neodymium laser is repeated. This is done when new hair grows, which was previously in the sleeping phase.