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BBL Forever Young

BBL Forever Young

is a unique technology based on the use of intense light wave energy. Exposure to which the skin is exposed affects only problem structures (pigment spots, dilated vessels, inflammatory elements, defective DNA molecules). There is an alignment of texture and tone, there is a pronounced skin tightening, fine wrinkles disappear.

Research by Stanford University (Chang A, Bitter P, et al (2012) Journal of Investigative Dermatology / 08/30/12, 187) showed that after BBL procedures, DNA of skin cells rejuvenates.

Evaluation of the results of the procedures in patients who regularly underwent course procedures for 9 years showed that the appearance of the patients did not change throughout the entire period - patients looked ten years younger than their age!

Rejuvenated cells provide:

Long-term preservation of youthful skin,

Enhancing local immunity,

Antitumor skin protection.


Fine and Medium Wrinkles

Loss of tone, sagging skin, puffiness

Unhealthy complexion

Pigment spots

Vascular mesh, dilated vessels on the face

Acne Disease


Taking some medicines that increase the skin’s photosensitivity

Period of acute inflammatory diseases

Convulsive syndrome

Duration of procedure: treatment of one zone (separate zones: face, neck skin, decollete area, hands, central zone of the abdominal skin) takes 25-30 minutes.

Technique of the procedure: after cleansing the skin, apply a special contact gel. Consistently, with the help of a self-cooled contact tip, skin treatment is performed. After removal of the contact gel - application of sedatives with photo-protective properties (SPF 30)

Soreness: no.

Recovery Period: No, lunch break procedure.

Results appearance time: Skin tightening and noticeable “freshness is observed immediately after the procedure. Strengthening the effect continues for 2-3 weeks after the procedure.

Time to save effect: spider veins and pigment spots disappear forever. The overall effect of rejuvenation lasts up to a year. The annual rate of repetition of procedures allows you to stop age-related changes (skin aging).