Biorevitalization | Facial rejuvenation with hyaluronic acid in the center of cosmetology Medesko
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- a method for eliminating fine wrinkles and improving skin elasticity, by intracutaneous administration of special preparations containing hyaluronic acid. Used drugs help the skin to retain moisture in the intercellular space, which allows you to get a quick rejuvenating effect.


  • Fine wrinkles.
  • Decreased tone, flabbiness


  • Taking some medicines
  • Period of acute inflammatory diseases with increased body temperature
  • Blood coagulation disorder
  • Allergic reactions to components of drugs

Duration of procedure. The procedure takes 10-15 minutes. Pre - analgesia anesthetic cream - 40-45 minutes.

Technique of the procedure. After cleansing the skin, anesthetic cream is applied. This reduces sensitivity and makes the procedure more comfortable. The drug is injected with a thin needle with the formation of local papules.

Soreness. Moderate.

Recovery period. 1-2 days until full absorption of papules. Point hemorrhages may appear at the injection site, which disappear on their own in 3-4 days.

The time of the results. The anti-aging effect begins to form immediately after the end of the recovery period.

Time to save the effect. The duration of the preservation effect is 3-5 months of active facial expression. With proper use of the drug addiction does not occur. There is no physical dependence.