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Modern laser devices

Laser hair removal is the most modern way to get rid of unwanted hair.

Laser Hair Removal with Sciton Clear Scan:

  • Suitable for all skin types (including dark skin);
  • Sciton Clear Scan hair removal can be done even in summer, immediately after tanning;
  • This is the fastest hair removal;
  • the risk of side effects is minimal;
  • The effect of completely getting rid of hair is several times faster than in other systems, which means that it is cheaper!

Duration of the procedure. Epilation, an area of ​​10 square meters. cm, takes 10-15 minutes with the preparation of the skin.

Procedure technique. After cleansing the skin, apply a special contact gel. Accordingly, processing is performed using a contact-cooled scanner.

Soreness. Moderate, in areas of high sensitivity. If necessary, you can use an anesthetic cream.

Recovery period. No, lunch break procedure.

Time Results. Cessation of hair growth during active periods ends immediately after the procedure.

Time to save the effect. Like any laser hair removal, hair removal with a neodymium laser is repeated. This is done when new hair grows that was previously in a sleep phase.