Cuperosis and vessels | Methods of removal and treatment in the center of cosmetology Medesko
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Removal of vessels Kiev

Photo before and after the procedure

ClearScan Vascular

- neodymium laser machine for coagulation (gluing) of vessels. Allows you to remove pathologically dilated vessels, spider veins and hemangiomas on the face, trunk, limbs. Procedures are performed on both light and dark, or tanned skin. Processing is carried out by a point beam using contact cooling.

Main external features:

Vascular "mesh" on the cheeks, chin, dilated veins on the wings and back of the nose.

Visible dilated vessels on the skin of the thighs and lower legs, sometimes in the abdomen.


  • Loss of normal tonus and elasticity in vessels with certain hormonal disorders,
  • Expansion of vessels due to excessive tanning and sunburn.
  • Increased venous pressure.


  • Taking some medicines that increase photosensitivity
  • Period of acute inflammatory diseases
  • The presence of a rash or inflammation in the treatment area

Troubleshooting procedures:

  • BBL - from 85 * UAH.
  • Coagulation (welding) of dilated vessels with a laser ** - from 280 * UAH.

* The cost of the procedure depends on the selected area.

** The visible result is achieved immediately after the procedure.

Duration of the procedure. Removal of vessels in an area of ​​1 sq. cm takes 10-15 minutes, along with preparation of the skin.

Technique of the procedure. After cleansing the skin, apply a special contact gel. Dotted, focused beam is processing extended vessels.

Soreness. Moderate, in areas of high sensitivity. Sensations short, a few seconds. It feels like a “click rubber.”

Recovery Period. If there are fragile vessels of small caliber, small “ink spots” of 1-2 mm may appear. Spots, like local intradermal hemorrhage, pass rather quickly, leaving behind clean skin. Masking cosmetics can be applied in 1.5-2 hours.

The time of the results. Clean skin is observed immediately after the procedure.

Time to save the effect. Disadvantages are eliminated irrevocably.